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Supporting Utah Communities

Image by Gautier Salles


Breathable Air and a Vibrant Lake

From ensuring high quality clean air to preserving habitation around our beautiful Great Salt Lake, I will be a champion for an environment and state where everyone can thrive. 

Science Education

Teaching 21st Century Skills

Utahns deserve a 21st century education that teaches modern workforce skills and cutting edge science. We want our students to be leaders, not only in the state, but the country.

Chemistry Class
Pride Flag

Social Justice

Seeking Equality for All

The job of the legislature is to support every Utahn no matter their background or identity. I will strive to support every citizen of Utah with a focus on those most underserved. Utah is a rapidly diversifying state and we need to give voice to that diversity, including with those who represent us.

GovernmenT Accountability

Keeping Government Open for All Utahns

I am committed to championing reforms which will ensure every Utahn has equal access to the ballot box. From fighting for an independent redistricting commission to protecting vote-by-mail, our government thrives when we all can participate.

Vote Boxes
Image by Joshua Hoehne

Supporting the Unhoused

Resources for Our Most Vulnerable

Every Utahn deserves the dignity of a place to live. I support change through community driven policies from the perspectives of the people impacted most.

Growth and Development

A Sustainable Future

Salt Lake City is a rapidly growing and diversifying state. I want to ensure that all citizens in the state of Utah benefit from this growth and that it is sustainable for our beehive.

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