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In a super majority legislature it is important that representatives are effective and experienced communicators. Ramón has a clear record of communicating science and social justice issues in venues such as The Salt Lake TribuneScientific American, Slate, Fox 13 News, Nature, Science Magazine, and more in the past two years alone. 

In The News

Salt Lake Tribune Op ED on DEI Ban

Ramón discusses the misunderstanding of DEI and how we all must continue to work towards supporting every student.

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Ramón shares his thoughts about being a physics faculty focused on supporting all students in STEM.

Ramón is named LGBTQ+ Educator of the Year by Out to Innovate!

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Ramón discusses having hEDS (hypermobility Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome) and how it impacts his life.

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Ramón is interviewed about the physics of pulling a plane, inspired by a recent blockbuster Hollywood movie, Creed III.


Ramón and his colleague Dr. Tim Atherton discuss their research on LGBT+ physicists.

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Ramón is interviewed about a ground breaking gender equity project in astronomy

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Ramón comments on ethics in physics

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Ramón is interviewed about a new translation of Newton's First Law

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New articles coming soon!

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