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Ramón Barthelemy

House District 24 Candidate (D)

  • Fresh:

    • Uses human centered and evidence based reasoning to develop community minded policy

  • BOLD:    

    • Works tirelessly for underserved and underrepresented communities so that everyone can have a voice   

  • Effective

    • Has changed policy for over 50,000 scientists across the USA​

    • Worked in the U.S. Department of Education with the Office of Civil Rights

    • Has brought in over $5 Million in federal funding to Salt Lake City, UT as a tenure track science professor at the University of Utah


Why I'M running

As an LGBTQ+ and Hispanic science student from a working class and immigrant background, I saw the challenges marginalized and underserved communities face in professional and educational settings. Particularly when I was completing my BS in Astrophysics at Michigan State University and my PhD in Physics Education Research at Western Michigan University (Go Spartans & Broncos!). I have sought to promote change and have spent my career working with civil rights attorneys, conducting impactful research, and changing national policies to support change in the sciences. As a science professor at the University of Utah I have brought in over $5 million to the local economy to continue my efforts (Go Utes!). Now, I am turning my focus to Utah politics to make our beehive more inclusive.

As an elected official, I will bring with me my personal perspective and professional skills to lead our state through science minded legislation and putting communities first. If elected, I will be the first openly gay Hispanic legislator in Utah as well as the first physics professor and science policy professional in the House. As a person who grew up working class and used education to find my way to success I will continue my journey to open up these same opportunities for others in our community and state.


2019- Present, Salt Lake City, UT

2015-2019, Washington D.C.

2014-2015,  Finland

2010-2014, Western Michigan                         University

2014-2015,  Michigan State                              University

Tenure track science professor at the University of Utah who created and manages a physics education research group focused on supporting underserved and underrepresented students into physics. Brought in over $5M in federal funds to Salt Lake City and was fellowed by the American Physical Society. 

Worked as a policy fellow in the U.S. Department of Education,  supporting equity in science education. I then transitioned to work as private sector education consultant and did volunteer work supporting LGBTQ+ migrants to the United States.

Fulbright scholar focused on understanding the experiences of students pursuing physics degrees across Finland. Visited local K-12 schools to learn about their education policies and engaged in cultural learning and events.

Received a full scholarship to complete a PhD in Physics Education Research. Volunteered in student government, gave talks across the country and applied to and received research funding. Organized guest speaker series and participated in cross-campus research groups.

Completed a BS in Astrophysics with a focus on nuclear physics. Worked in astronomy and nuclear physics research at national government lab. Studied Spanish and worked three jobs to pay for college.

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